what are the benefits of infant massage?

A high quality cue-based infant massage program supports parents to develop confidence in using massage, healthy touch, voice, movement, eye-contact and facial expression as a way of having a conversation with their baby.

Improves communication between you and baby

Enhances bonding

Relaxes and soothes

Helps relieve colic and tummy discomfort

The serve and return interactions, which the cue based First Touch Program builds, are believed to be one of the crucial keys underpinning future brain development.

These interactions are the mechanisms that enable a baby to regulate their emotional arousal and essential bodily functions (Schore, 2001).

This regulation is fundamental to early mental health and physical development because when babies are well regulated, the toxic stress hormones that stunt brain development are kept at bay (Schore, 2001).

Stimulates physiological development

Promote neurological development and sensory integration

Offers shared moments together

Baby massage is fun!